Monday, August 12, 2013

Between Sentences

There are times...  times the desire to write is so strong... I feel like something inside me will come spilling out if I simply pick up a pen, or maybe my guitar.... It's something like floodwaters building up inside and somehow the pen is the floodgate to release it all.  And yet... I sit with my pen poised above the paper with nothing to say.  Nothing comes magically to the surface, despite the feeling of urgency within.  I sit... wait... wonder... and... nothing. Tonight is one of those times.

It's tempting in those times to immerse myself in a book; check out Facebook; browse the internet... anything to distract myself from the burning within... and from the frustration of the empty page in front of me.  Tonight, though, I sit in my car looking out over a local park and between sentences, as I sit and wait for the words that don't come... I hear the sound of birds in the nearby trees; the insects of a late summer evening; quiet conversations as couples and families take the walking path nearby....  

While I watch and listen between sentences, the burning desire... the desperate frustration... melts into a quiet peace; a calm enjoyment of God's creation... and the joy of a summer evening.

Between the sentences... as I wait... comes the quiet....  And maybe that's what the waiting is for.
"Let all that I am wait quietly before God,
for my hope is in him." 
Psalm 62:5