Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Mess to Masterpiece

I've got a guest blogger this morning: my daughter, Jessie.  She's the artist working on the sketch in the photo I'm using for this post.  She's quiet most of the time, but those still waters run deep.  Sometimes I get a glimpse into her inner thoughts and it just amazes me.  Today was one of those mornings. I woke up and saw the words she'd written below in my facebook feed.  There's nothing I can add to her thoughts on this Christmas Eve morning....

"Even the most haphazard sketch can turn into a masterpiece, a few strokes of paint into a glorious painting, a lump of clay into a fine piece of pottery, a lump of coal into a sparkling diamond. The world around us tears us apart, and yet there is still beauty among us, thanks to the power of transformation. A forest burned by fire grows back greener than before, a broken bone, stronger. There is but one we can thank for that. Who else could change a shepherd into a king, a boy into a warrior, a guy with a stutter into a leader? And He let His own son become a man and die for us so that our sins may be washed white as snow, the ultimate transformation. Do not forget that God is never finished with you. When you look at yourself and those around you, you may see a mess, but He sees a masterpiece in progress. For God can make make a whole universe out of nothing. Trust Him, hand Him the brush, and see what He paints you into. You might just be amazed. Just remember along the way, we are all works in progress."