Friday, May 1, 2009

Singing for Daddy

Did you ever stop and think...
...about how much God must love to hear us sing ?

Think about it... we were we were created to have a relationship with Him. If you are looking for a relationship, you're usually looking for someone that has similar interests, right? So I'd assume, if He was looking for relationship with us, that He just might want us to have similar interests.... :)

We are also told we were created in His image... and we know God is the one who created us with an appreciation for music. So think how much He must enjoy it. If we, in our imperfect image, can appreciate it, then surely He -- as the perfect original -- must love it!

But this is what really made me think: Consider how much joy a parent gets from his child's singing... no matter how off-key or wavering the voice may be. Especially when the child sings something that the parent's heart can appreciate. I have to admit, that as much as I enjoy hearing my kids now, as their voices and skills are maturing... I think I loved it even more when they were little. I can remember hearing their little voices singing out "So Good to Me" -- without the CD even -- and it just touched my heart :-). There were times my eyes would literally well up with tears. The innocent adoration got me every time. I loved it!

Anyway... I'm rambling... but the point is: the God who created us to love music must love music Himself. And we, as His children singing to Him, must surely touch His heart in a very special way!

So as you're preparing for your worship service this weekend... or even as you're driving down the road singing to your favorite CD (or your kid's favorite CD)... Smile! ---- Share the Joy! ----- Prepare to touch Daddy's heart.... and feel the warmth of His smile! :-)

P.S. I have to admit... In the picture above... Dani really wasn't singing "Hallelujah" like I'd like to imagine... she and a friend were just trying to see who could scream the loudest! LOL! :)

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