Monday, June 15, 2015

I Remember You

I was driving along the interstate on a stretch of road where I couldn't find a Christian radio station. Roadtrips and music go together, so  I hit the USB drive option on the sound system and followed up with a quick tap to "shuffle." Several songs played that I hadn't heard in a long time and at one point I found myself adding harmony to Mark Schultz's "Remember Me."

Sung from God's perspective, He asks the listener to remember Him in all the little things of life:
Remember Me
When the color of the sunset fills the sky
Remember Me
When you pray and tears of joy fall from your eyes.
He speaks of the agelessness, the eternity of His unchanging presence:
And age to age
And heart to heart,
Bound by grace and peace.
Then He asks us to remember Him, because He's remembered us:
Child of wonder
Child of God,
I remember you...
Remember Me
Tears gathered in my eyes as that truth suddenly hit home: He remembers!

He remembers that 6 year old little girl.

He remembers that child of wonder.

He remembers her trust; her innocence; her child-like joy.

He remembers who He created her to be.

He remembers what was stolen from her.

He remembers the damage done and the trust betrayed.

He remembers what that six year old girl had no words for.

There were no witnesses to my abuse, but He saw.

It was years before I told anyone, but He heard.

He remembers what no one else does; what no one else even knew.

Even my memory has some gaps. But God knows.

He saw.

He heard.

His heart broke.

And He remembers.

He remembers because it matters.

He remembers because I matter.

He remembers.

He remembers the child of wonder, child of God.

He remembers everything.


He remembers...


- jenn
Psalm 115:12: The Lord remembers us.... 


  1. Your post touched my heart.

    Praising God for how He ministered to you on that car ride, and thanking Him that you shared it with me as a reminder that He knew me before the worlds began and that He will never forget anything about me for He loves me with an Everlasting Love.

  2. This is incredibly touching, Jenn. So often we feel unrecognized, unremembered, but we serve a God who never forgets us and never looks away.

    1. "Never looks away" -- YES! I didn't bring that facet into it, but it is so perfect here for this. Yes, yes, yes. Thank you! :)